Apple Murabba is usually used as a medicine to cure different diseases. It is so much healthy and full of nutrition. People eat apple murabba in the morning before breakfast.  It is good for heart health, anti constipation, decreases cholesterol and reduces blood pressure. Even it is anti depression and anti cancerous. This home remedy is very much beneficial for everyone.  Follow the recipe described below and get ready to take full benefits of the magical apple murabba.

Apple Murabba Ingredients:

Apple                                                                                               1 Kg

Water                                                                                              As required

Cloves                                                                                              3-4

Black Pepper (crushed)                                                               1 pinch

Cinnamon Powder                                                                        1 pinch

Sugar                                                                                               4 Cup

Saffron                                                                                            1 tsp

Cardamom                                                                                      2 tsp

Rose Water                                                                                    As required


Peel off whole apples and dunk them into water. Add cloves and cardamom and boil apples on low flame. When apples become slightly tender, add saffron and cook for a while. Now add sugar and cook for almost 30 – 40 minutes. Finally add black pepper, cinnamon powder and rose water. Serve either warm or chilled.

Dose:  Eat one wage daily before breakfast.


1.   Good for Heart Patients:

Apple Murabba is good for heart patients. It increases muscular strength of heart and revitalize heart. Apple murabba acts as a heart tonic as well as a digestive stimulant.

2.   Anti-Constipation:

It is rich in fiber content, which helps in mild and chronic constipation. Its effects are not immediate and can be observable after 15 days of its continuous use.

3.   Decreases high cholesterol:

Apple Murabba is good for decreasing cholesterol level. It can be used when patient feels palpitation, weakness and restlessness.

4.   Atherosclerosis:

It contains highly soluble fiber and phenolic compounds that help in reducing plague in the blood vessels. It helps preventing hardening of arteries.

5.   Reduces High Blood Pressure:

It provides strength to the heart muscles and prevents further deposition of plague in the arteries. In this way, it can reduce complications of high blood pressure to a greater degree.

6.   Anti-Depressant:

If patient with depression or anxiety feels agitation, apple murabba is recommended to reduce it. It helps in calming mind and inducing a good sleep.

7.   Loss of Appetite:

You can use apple murabba with black pepper to improve appetite and regulates the digestive system. It triggers the production of gastric juice and induces more hunger.

8.   Reduces Organ Inflammation:

Apple murabba helps in reducing organ inflammation. Some patients have a complaint of pain and tenderness in upper abdominal region in which apple murabba is beneficial.

9.   Ulcer Healing:

In fact, Apple murabba speeds up healing process of peptic and duodenal ulcer. Use it with black pepper, white pepper, cloves and cashew nuts to take more benefits.

10. Good for Skin:

It provides vitality to your skin and reduces wrinkles and blemishes. However, it is also a good antioxidant. Collagen production can also be stimulated with it that is necessary for skin health.

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