Baking Buns with Mixed Italian Herbs

Baking buns is not so much difficult now. These special and soft Italian buns are easy to bake. You can make them at home with all basic ingredients available. It’s a great recipe for tea time and also for breakfast. You don’t need to go out to buy bakery buns. You can just make them by yourself. I personally like baking buns with mixed Italian herbs and that’s why I have added them into the dough. You can add herbs of your choice. Make them sweet or salty; it all depends on your taste. You can also add raisins or other candied fruits. Try baking buns with number of variations and have fun. Here is the unique recipe of these buns.

Baking buns


All-Purpose Flour                 2 Cups

Salt                                          1 tsp

Sugar                                      2 tbsp

Mixed Italian Herbs             1 tsp

Butter                                     ½ Cup

Yeast                                       2 tbsp

Warm Water                         to knead dough

Egg                                          1

Sesame Seeds                       1 tbsp


baking buns

Baking Buns Method:

For baking buns, take all-purpose flour into a large bowl and add salt, sugar, mixed Italian herbs and yeast powder in it. Mix it well with your hands. Now add butter and mix it in the flour. Rub the flour between your palms so that butter can easily be mixed with it. Add warm water and mix well to knead soft and non-sticky dough. Cover it with the cling sheet or with a wet cloth. Keep aside at least for an hour or till dough rises to double its quantity.

Now make small balls and place them on a greased baking tray. Again keep them aside for 30 minutes. Balls will increase in size. Preheat oven to 347 F or 175 C, glaze the buns with egg wash (beaten egg yolk) and also sprinkle sesame seeds over them. Put them inside the oven at least for 40 minutes. Take them out once they are golden brown in color. Brush the top with melted butter. Soft and fresh buns with mixed Italian herbs are ready to serve with tea or with breakfast.

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