Batata Vada is a very famous Indian vegetarian fast food. These are yummiest potato fritters. Batata is a Portuguese word that means Potato. Actually, Portuguese people introduced potatoes in India that’s why this dish is famous with the Portuguese name. It is prepared with a mashed potato patty which has spices like green chili, fresh coriander, red chili, salt, cumin seeds and lemon juice. This mashed potato patty is coated with chick pea flour and then deep fried to golden brown in color. These batata vada balls are three inches in diameter. This dish can be used as a started or appetizer. In Muslim countries, people make batata vadas during the month of Ramadan at Iftar time.

Ingredients for Gram Flour Coating:

Gram Flour (Besan)                                                                       1 Cup

Cumin Seeds (Crushed)                                                                ½ tsp

Salt                                                                                                   To taste

Turmeric Powder                                                                          ¼ tsp

Chili Flakes                                                                                      1 tsp

Coriander Seeds (Crushed)                                                         ½ tsp

Ingredients for Potato Stuffing:

Green Chili (Finely Chopped)                                                      2 – 3

Chili Powder                                                                                   ½ tsp

Oil                                                                                                    To fry

Onion (Sliced)                                                                                1 medium sized

Red Chili Flakes                                                                              ½ tsp

Cumin Seeds (Crushed)                                                                ½ tsp

Salt                                                                                                   To taste

Coriander Seeds (Crushed)                                                         ½ tsp

Tamarind Pulp                                                                                1 tbsp

Potato (Boiled and Mashed)                                                        2

Dried Pomegranate Seeds (Anardana)                                      1 tsp

Water                                                                                              As required

Method to Make Batata Vada:

Take a bowl and add gram flour, salt, red chili flakes, turmeric powder and cumin and coriander seeds crushed in it. Add some water and mix all ingredients very well to make a thick paste for the batata vada coating. Keep it aside. Now Take mashed potatoes in a bowl and add green chilies, onion, chili powder, red chili flakes, salt and crushed cumin seeds, crushed coriander seeds, tamarind pulp and dried pomegranate seeds.  Mix it well. Now make small balls with the potato mixture which are approx. 1.5 inch diameter in size. Take a wok and heat up oil in it for deep frying. Coat the potato balls with gram flour batter one by one and fry them in the oil over medium flame until golden brown. Serve with Tea, Ketchup or Chatni.

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