The research on pomegranate showed that they have more health benefits than all the fruits. You have heard of super foods. It is a super food. It contains fiber, vitamins and minerals that can protect us from many diseases.

Many of our health secrets are hidden in our food but we are unfamiliar with the fact and we just eat to fill a belly. Fortunately, we have such nutritious foods that can naturally cure cancerous diseases, diabetes, heart attack and help to prevent fatal strokes.

Oxford University experts have issued their analytical report about super foods this year. They have found the pomegranate a super food that is very beneficial for cardiovascular health. The research showed that the pomegranate has more health benefits than all the fruits. It is the main focus when we look at the studies that have carried out around the world to find super food.

Around 194 studies have been published a year about pomegranate that is more than any other fruit. Experts say that the secret of healing is hidden in the power of pomegranate.

Its trees are around seven meters long. They have beautiful red flowers that take the form of a delicious and beautiful fruit later. Pomegranate fruit is the oldest fruit in the world. Islam is also preached that pomegranate will be given in heaven.

It contains fats, carbohydrate, calcium, magnesium, copper, iron, various vitamins; especially vitamin C exists in large quantities. There are three categories in terms of flavor, sweet pomegranate, sweet and sour pomegranate and sour pomegranate. All three types are full of medicine and nutritional properties. It gives joy to heart and mind. This is an excellent way to remove the blood shortage. For women in particular this is a blessing during pregnancy. It is also overcomes iron deficiency, nausea, vomiting, feeling of indigestion and hemorrhoids. They are also very beneficial during malaria, dengue fever and for cancer patients. It also helps to increase red blood cells. It is very useful during blood disorders and for other liver diseases.

Sweet and sour pomegranate regulates low and high blood pressure. They are very beneficial to reduce mouth sores. It reduces constipation and diarrhea. It is also useful in the irritation and inflammation of the chest. If you keep pomegranate juice in a green bottle under sunlight for 40 days, it becomes more beneficial. It is a wonderful gift of nature. The bark of this tree, flower, fruit peel and even leaves are also useful. Its juice and its old skin is the best medicine for chronic diarrhea and cramps. It is also beneficial to use in chronic cough. The sticks of pomegranate tree bark are beneficial for sore mouth and gums. The thick bark decoction is very effective to get rid of stomach worms. Its leaf decoction can reduce hemorrhage by putting in the nose. It buds and tree bark peeling can be used in powdered form to reduce weight. The powder is also useful to prevent blood flow to any part of the body. It can also be sprinkled on external wounds and can also be fed as a medicine.

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