Whenever I see a Lose Belly Fat advertisement on television or on my computer, I quickly exit it and take a deep breath inside hoping that it will go away. Belly fat is like a nightmare for me. I am so afraid of it and I cannot bear this depression on my mind. Usually, I do not take a disciplined diet but I do some physical exercises to reduce fats every week. Belly fat is so much stubborn. We can use some amazing workouts to cut it down.

The 5 Best Exercises:

Except of the dietary schedule, you should also do some workouts to reduce belly fat. Here, we are going to introduce five amazing workouts to do at home.

Fit ball – Take one huge inflated ball to do the accompanying workouts.

best exercises

1.Turn around twist with ball

Lay down on your back along with the arms by your sides. Relax the heels and calves keeping knees width separate over the ball. Pull the abs and hold the ball tightly in between the heels and thighs. Raise the ball off the ground. Gradually come back to starting pose.

2. Back Expansion:

Sit firmly on the ball with your feet on the floor. Place the hands on lower back and gradually try to lift your spinal cord away from the ball. Ensure that you do not hyper extend the spine while doing this work out. Now you can gradually come back to the beginning pose.

Pilates – You can buy the nearest yoga tangle for this exercise.


3. Rotate like ball

Sit with your knees and hold your lower legs. Start the workout by moving in the reverse direction and bring the knees with you. Breathe in with moving back and breathe out as you approach to the beginning position. Every time you approach, put on the brakes and settle on the tailbone. Control at least for 30 seconds. Do not try to permit the feet to touch the tangle.

Practice the Abs:

4. Crunches

Lay down on your back along with the knees bowed. Your hands should be at the backside of your head. Lift the shoulders away from the ground and twist the legs towards the ribs. At the same time, gradually come back to the first position.


5. Lay down on stomach

With your elbows twisted, lift the whole body into a board position. The complete body is on a straight line together with the ground and laying on the lower arms and toes. You can use the stomach and the back to keep up this workout position. Now you can gradually come back to the first position.

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