Blueberry Lemonade can be prepared with an awesome combination of Lemon juice, carbonated soft drink and Blueberry flavor. This drink is very refreshing. You can also add basil seeds to make it more refreshing and tasteful. It has a vibrant color and sweet and sour taste. You can serve it chilled in summers after meal. In Muslim countries, people make Blueberry lemonade during month of Ramadan at Iftar time. It gives energy and boosts a person’s body quickly. You can bring changes and modifications to this lemonade by adding different flavors. You can replace a blueberry flavored soft drink with an orange or grapes flavored drink. It totally depends on your taste and choice.  You can make it with any carbonated soft drink.  There are many famous types of lemonade like pink lemonade, clear lemonade and cloudy lemonade.

This is a refreshing drink which is found around the world. It is commonly prepared in North America, India, United Kingdom, Ireland, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. Traditionally, this amazing drink is made with lemon juice, sweetener, water and honey. Here, we are going to provide you an authentic and easy recipe of lemonade. I am sure you are going to love it and you will try it again and again. Please follow the exact recipe for better results. We are waiting for your loving and valuable comments.

Ingredients for Blueberry Lemonade:

Lemon Juice                                                          ½ Cup

Water                                                                     6 glasses

Ice Cubes                                                               As required

Soft Drink (Blueberry flavored)                         1 glass

Basil Seeds (Tukhm-e-Balanga)                          1 tbsp (Soaked into water)

Sugar                                                                      ½ Cup


Take a Jug and dissolve ½ cup of sugar into one glass of water. Now add lemon juice and soaked basil seeds in it. Add remaining water and one glass of blueberry soft drink. Add ice cubes and shake the drink well. Serve chilled. You can also freeze this drink at least for 2 hours and then serve it like a sorbet.