chanay ki daal ka halwa

Chanay ki daal ka halwa (Gram Lentil Dessert) is very famous in Pakistan and India. This dessert is usually made on happy occasions like Eid and Wedding ceremonies. This halwa is the most delicious one among all types of halwa. This unique dessert is prepared with boiled and mashed gram lentil. Dry fruits are also added to enhance the taste. People do its garnishing with different dry fruits and golden or silver warq. You can store this halwa in an air tight jar for 3 – 4 weeks easily. The main ingredients of this dessert are gram lentil, butter (ghee), sugar and dry fruits. However, you can also add khoya (dried milk) to make it more delicious. You can serve it hot or chilled. This is an amazing dish for your guests. It is easy to make and doesn’t require so much time and ingredients for preparation.

Here is the unique recipe for Chanay ki daal ka halwa (Gram Lentil Dessert). You can follow the same recipe with the other pulses and lentils too. You just need to replace the lentil and other ingredients and method will remain same. Please follow the recipe and don’t forget to share and comment if you like our post.


Gram Lentil (Chanay Ki Daal)                                                         500 grams

Clarified Butter (Ghee)                                                                   1 cup

Milk powder                                                                                     1 cup

Green Cardamom                                                                            6 – 8

Sliced Almonds                                                                                ½ Cup

Sugar                                                                                                 300 grams

Shredded Coconut                                                                          ½ Cup

Sliced Pistachio                                                                                ½ Cup



Boil Gram Lentil till the water dries and lentil tenders. Now mash the gram lentil with a spoon. (Do not add water while mashing). Heat the clarified butter in a wok and add green cardamom in it. Fry for few seconds and add mashed gram lentil. Cook it while stirring until it turns light golden. Now add sugar and keep mixing it. Add dry milk, shredded coconut, sliced pistachios and almonds and keep mixing until it becomes thick and the clarified butter starts to separate. Dish it out in a greased pan. Make the surface smooth with the help of any spatula. Garnish with the shredded coconut, sliced almonds and pistachios. Now cut the diagonal pieces and serve.

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