Chicken Shashlik is prepared in different countries with different methods and recipes. Some people make it spicy and juicy, some wants to eat it only with lemon and black pepper, some like it with a combination of vegetables whereas some love it with tomato sauce. You can make it with multiple variations. You can have chicken shashlik with boiled rice and also with Chinese fried rice and garlic rice. Here, we are going to share the most favorite recipe of chicken shashlik that is very much spicy, juicy and succulent. Follow the recipe to make this amazing dish and comment if you like it.

chicken shashlik

Ingredients for Chicken Shashlik:

Chicken Boneless (Cut in Cubes)                                                1 Kg

Ginger Garlic paste                                                                        1 tbsp

Salt                                                                                                   to taste

Coriander Powder                                                                         1 tsp

Mustard Paste                                                                                1 tbsp

Honey                                                                                              1 tbsp

Lemon Juice                                                                                   1 tbsp

Soya Sauce                                                                                      1 tbsp

Turmeric                                                                                         ½ tsp

Red Chili Powder                                                                           2 tsp

Crushed Red Chili                                                                          1 tsp

Chili Sauce                                                                                      1 tbsp

Vinegar                                                                                            2 tbsp

Worcestershire Sauce                                                                  1 tbsp

Capsicum                                                                                         4

Tomato                                                                                            4

Onions                                                                                             4

Shashlik Sticks                                                                                30

Oyster Sauce                                                                                  1 tsp

Roasted ground cumin seeds                                                      1 tsp

Black Pepper                                                                                  ½ tsp

Tomato Ketchup                                                                            2 tbsp

Roasted ground coriander seeds                                               1 tsp

Oil                                                                                                     to fry

Ingredients for Tomato Sauce:                                                  

Vinegar                                                                                            2 tbsp

Chili Sauce                                                                                      4 tbsp

Tomato Ketchup                                                                            4 tbsp

Tomato Puree                                                                                1 Cup

Garlic (Finely Chopped)                                                                3 – 4 cloves

Salt                                                                                                   to taste

Corn Flour                                                                                       1 tbsp

Oregano                                                                                          ½ tsp

Red chili flakes                                                                               1 tsp


Method to make Chicken Shashlik:

Marinate chicken for at least 2 hours with all ingredients mentioned above. Put all vegetables and chicken into the Shashlik sticks to make a proper sequence. Heat up some oil and fry shashlik sticks. Keep rotating the sticks to avoid burning. Cover the pan and cook on low flame at least for 10 minutes.

Method to make tomato sauce:

Heat oil and sauté garlic in it. Add tomato puree. Add Vinegar, Chili Sauce, Tomato Ketchup, Salt, Oregano and red chili flakes in it. Cook for 10 – 12 minutes. Now add ½ cup water. Dissolve corn flour in water and then add it in sauce and cook till it thickens. Pour the sauce over the shashlik sticks and serve it with boiled rice.

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