Corn Syrup

Corn Syrup is made with corn start and it is full of maltose. It is also called Glucose Syrup. This syrup is used to soften the food texture and prevent sugar from crystallization. It can easily be prepared at home and it is also available at supermarkets. It is made in different consistencies. Like there are two main types, light and dark corn syrup. Light corn syrup is transparent and has a clear texture. It is flavored with vanilla and salt. Whereas dark corn syrup is black in color and it has a combination of corn syrup with molasses, caramel color, salt and flavor. Sodium benzoate is also added into dark corn syrup as a preservative.

Corn Syrup can be used to prepare a wide range of food products like Marshmallows, Cookies, Crackers, Ice Cream, Fondant and many more. It is used as a thick liquid and may also be dried to a crystalline powder. There are many kinds of corns but only yellow # 2 dent corn is utilized to prepare corn syrup. It is cultivated in the Midwestern portion of the United States.

Here is the recipe of homemade corn syrup. You can try this recipe and then use it for making various food products.

Corn Syrup Ingredients:

Granulated Sugar                                                                          1 Cup

Water                                                                                              ½ Cup

Lemon Juice                                                                                   1 Lemon

Baking Soda                                                                                    ¼ tsp


Take a sauce pan and add sugar and water in it. Cook it over high flame till sugar crystals are dissolved and it started to boil. Reduce heat and add lemon juice while stirring. Cook it until the syrup becomes sticky. Now add baking soda and keep stirring. The syrup becomes sticky and light golden in color. Turn off the flame and wait until it cools down on room temperature. Corn syrup is ready. You can use it in the preparation of so many things like Cake Fondant, Mirror Glaze and Marshmallows. You can keep it in a plastic or glass bottle and store it inside fridge for months.

Note: If you see sugar crystals in the corn syrup after it cools down, microwave it with little bit water to melt these crystals and bring a smooth consistency.

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