Creme Caramel

Creme caramel is famous with different names such as flan or caramel pudding. It is custard like dessert with a delicate layer of caramel on the top. It is little bit different from creme brulee which has a hard layer of caramel on the top. This delicious dessert is eaten in almost every country of the world. This is the easiest dessert and it does not require so much ingredients. Even you can make it inside a microwave in 2 – 3 minutes. This amazing dessert has been selected as the World’s Greatest Dessert. The method of making a caramel layer on the top of sweet custard is amazing. It enhances the taste of this unique and easy dessert.


Caster sugar                                                          1/4 cups

Thickened cream                                                 300ml

Milk                                                                        1/2 cups

Vanilla extract                                                       1 teaspoon

Eggs                                                                        6

Creme Caramel Recipe:

Heat up the oven to 150 degrees. Now take a sauce pan and dissolve sugar and water together on low heat. You need to cook it while stirring at least for 5 minutes. When sugar is completely dissolved into the water then increase the flame and bring a boil without stirring until it becomes golden brown in color. Now turn off the flame and keep it aside for 2 minutes. Pour this golden brown sugar syrup into a soufflé dish and set aside.

Now add cream, vanilla essence and milk into a sauce pan and cook them over medium flame. Keep stirring at least for 6 – 8 minutes. You will see that small bubbles are forming at the edges of the pan. At this point remove the pan from the heat. Now take a bowl and whisk eggs and remaining sugar together to make a creamy mixture. Add this mixture into the hot milk while stirring. Strain the mixture and pour it into the soufflé dishes over the caramel layer.

Put these dishes in a baking dish. Half fill the baking dish with boiling water. Now bake it at least for 30 minutes. Remove the soufflé dishes from the oven and set them aside to cool. You can serve them straight away or they can also be put into the refrigerator overnight. To plate out the Crème Caramel, run a knife around the edges of each soufflé dish and turn over it on a plate so that the Crème Caramel can come out easily.

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