Doodh Dulari

Doodh Dulari is one of the most liking desserts in Asian countries. This special dessert is made on Eid or on other happy occasions like weddings and birthday parties. This unique and healthy dessert is extremely delightful. It contains lots of dry fruits, jelly, canned fruits, Rabri, Khoya and fresh fruits like banana, grapes and apple. It is very much nutritious because of its healthy ingredients. This dish can be served chilled as well as hot. If you want to enhance the taste, you can add some colored vermicelli too. They will not only increase its flavor but also give it a colorful look. Mostly, people make doodh dulari with only white color ingredients and that is the reason it is called “Doodh Dulari”. But because of some variation and creativity, colorful fruits and jellies are also added to this dish. It totally depends on your choice and taste.


Milk                                                        1 Liter

Sugar                                                      ½ cup

Ice Cream powder                               1 cup

Jelly (Green & Red)                             2packets

Rabri                                                       1 cup

Mix fruits                                               1 cup

Vermicelli (Colored)                            ½ Packet

Raisins                                                    ¼ cup

Almond                                                  ¼ cup

Cashew nut                                           ¼ cup

Cham Cham                                           ½ cup

Doodh Dulari Recipe:

Boil milk into a deep pan. Add ½ cup of sugar and mix well until it dissolves properly. Now dissolve ice cream powder in water and add it into the boiled milk. Keep stirring and cook until the mixture becomes thick. Now make green and red jellies in separate bowls by dissolving them into the hot water. Keep aside until jelly becomes firm. Now cut small cubes of red and green jellies and keep it aside.  Now cool down the milk mixture into the refrigerator.

Boil almonds and peel off their skin. Wash ½ cup of raisins. In a pan, boil ½ packet of colored vermicelli. Now take out the milk mixture from the refrigerator and mix it into the boiled vermicelli. Add 1 cup Rabri, almonds, cashew nuts, raisins, mix fruits, cham cham and red and green jelly cubes. Mix well all ingredients and put it inside the refrigerator at least for 2 hours. Serve chilled.

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