Easy Lemon Cookies Recipe

This is the easy lemon cookies recipe to bake soft and chewy lemon cookies at home. It will take just 30 minutes to make these delicious cookies for your family and friends. These sweet and tangy cookies can be served in the breakfast and even at the supper with tea. Both adult and children love to have these yummy cookies with amazing flavor of lemon juice. You will need just few ingredients to prepare this recipe. Let’s start making this mouthwatering recipe.


All-Purpose Flour                           2 Cup

Ground Sugar                                  ½ Cup

Butter                                                ½ Cup

Egg                                                     1

Lemon Zest                                      1 tsp

Lemon Juice                                     2 tbsp

Yellow Food Color                          Few Drops

Castor Sugar for Coating              ½ Cup


You can make this delicious and easy lemon cookies recipe by using these few ingredients available at your home. First of all, take a bowl and mix all ingredients together to make a soft and non-sticky dough. You need to add few drops of yellow food color while kneading the dough to make it lemon yellow in color. Now cover the dough with cling sheet and keep it inside the refrigerator for 20 minutes. When dough becomes firm then make small balls of same size (approx. 1.5 inch in diameter) and then place them on a baking tray. Don’t forget to grease the baking tray and also place a parchment paper on it to avoid burning. Pre-heat oven on 200C and bake the cookies for 8 – 10 minutes. Now take the baking tray out from the oven. Coat the cookies with castor sugar and serve with tea. Don’t forget to share this easy lemon cookies recipe if you like it.

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