Gajar ka Halwa

Gajar ka halwa is a sweet treat pudding originated from the India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. People make it by setting crushed carrot in a pot containing a particular measure of water, drain and sugar and then cooking while mixing. They use toppings of almonds and pistachios for the garnishing. The sweet dish is customarily eaten during the celebrations in India, especially on the event of Diwali, Holi, Eid al-Fitr and Raksha Bandhan. It is served hot during the winters. These days, gajar ka halwa is a famous sweet with numerous varieties, for example, red velvet halwa, carrot and beetroot halwa, and mushy carrot halwa.

gajar ka halwa

Gajar ka halwa is a mix of nuts, milk, sugar, khoya and ghee with ground carrot. It is a light nutritious treat with less fat (at least 10.03% and a normal of 12.19%) than numerous other average South Asian desserts. Gajar ka halwa has a medium shelf life so it is presently in some cases sent out.

At celebration time many individuals lean toward veggie lover dishes and also pastries in their Thali. As a result of its low fat substance, veggie lover qualities, simplicity of making, medium shelf life and taste Gajar ka halwa is a prominent treat all over India and frequently served at generally celebrations. The dish is famous among grown-ups and also in kids. In 300 grams of gajar ka halwa there are 268 calories (76 originate from fat, 180 from sugar and 16 from protein).


Carrots (Grated)                                                                            2 Kg

Cardamom                                                                                      6 – 7

Sugar                                                                                               2 Cups

Almonds (Peeled)                                                                         ¼ cup

Kewra Water (Screw pine Essence)                                           1 tbsp

Walnuts                                                                                           ¼ cup

Pistachios                                                                                        ¼ cup

Kaju – Cashew nuts                                                                       ¼ cup

Raisins                                                                                             ¼ cup

Khoya (Reduced Dry Milk)                                                           1 cup

Gajar Ka Halwa Method:

Take a deep wok and add grated carrots into it. Cover the lid and cook the carrots on low flame until they become tender and their juices become dry. Now add sugar, ghee, cardamom and raisins. Fry on medium flame while stirring. Add almonds, pistachios, cashew nuts, walnuts and kewra water. Mix well. In the end, add Khoya, turn off the heat and cover the lid for few minutes. Garnish with dry fruits and khoya. Gajar ka halwa is ready to serve hot or chilled.

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