Gulab Jamun Recipe

Gulab Jamun is a traditional sweet in Pakistan and India. People love to make this delicious sweet on happy occasions. Gulab jamun is prepared with the Lassa Khoya. It is a form of khoya (dried whole milk) that is made from the cow’s milk. Lassa Khoya is pale yellow in color and has only 3% fats. Normal khoya is prepared with the buffalo milk, it is white in color and contains 6% fats. Lassa khoya is the best type of khoya to make perfect Gulab jamun. You can also prepare khoya at home by simmering full fat milk for hours on a medium flame. The milk solids left in the pan after evaporation is called khoya. Khoya is the base of almost all Asian sweets. Let’s learn to prepare Gulab jamun with Lassa Khoya.


For Dough:

Lassa Khoya                                 1 Kg

All-Purpose Flour (Maida)        120 Grams

Baking Soda                                 2 Pinch

Egg                                                1

Semolina (Sooji)                        1 tbsp (soaked in 2 tbsp water)

Ghee                                             1 tbsp

Cardamom Powder                   ¼ tsp

Ghee for frying                          2 Kg

Pistachio Flakes                        1 tbsp for garnishing

For Sugar Syrup:

Sugar                                           3 Kg

Water                                          1- ½ Kg

Cardamom Powder                  ¼ tsp


Making the Dough:

Take Lassa Khoya in a large bowl and break it with your hands. Now add one egg, 2 pinch baking soda, 1 tbsp ghee, cardamom powder and semolina (Sooji). Mix all ingredients well and knead a smooth dough. In the end, add all-purpose flour (Maida) and mix it properly with the dough. Add 3 – 4 tbsp water if dough is hard. You need to make a really smooth, soft and non-sticky dough. Do not add all-purpose flour in starting otherwise it will make the dough rubbery. Now make small round balls (1 inch in diameter). Make sure that there are no cracks in the balls.

Sugar Syrup Preparation:

Take a wok and add 1- ½ Kg water and 3 Kg sugar in it. Cook it on medium flame until sugar dissolves. Also add cardamom powder. Sugar syrup is ready for Gulab jamun. Keep the sugar syrup on low flame and it should be warm when you add Gulab Jamun in it. You can add more water in the sugar syrup if becomes thick.

gulab jamun

Frying Gulab Jamun:

Take a deep wok and heat up 2 Kg ghee in it. Keep in mind, ghee should not be too much hot otherwise Gulab Jamuns will be burned. You can check the temperature of the ghee by adding one Gulab jamun in it. If few little bubbles are seen in the ghee and Gulab jamun does not burn then it is the right temperature to fry. Now add all Gulab jamuns to fry. At this stage, do not move them with a spoon. Just try to move them by rotating the wok. Keep the flame medium high and keep rotating them. After a few minutes, Gulab jamuns will come on the surface. Now rotate them by rubbing slowly a spoon on their surface in circular motion. Turn the heat off when you notice the color of Gulab jamuns becomes light brown. Now cook them without flame and keep rotating them until they become golden brown in color.

gulab jamun

Add these golden brown Gulab jamuns in the warm sugar syrup that is cooking on the low flame. Now do not move Gulab jamuns in the sugar syrup and leave them as it is for about 30 minutes. Serve Gulab jamuns with sugar syrup and garnish with the pistachio flakes. You can serve them either warm or cold. Gulab jamun can be stored in fridge for 15 days.

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