Lauki Kalakand

Lauki (Bottle Gourd) is a vegetable that is also used to make different desserts like lauki kheer, lauki halwa and lauki kalakand. Kalakand is very popular traditional sweet in India and Pakistan which is made with lots of variations. People love to make this delicious sweet with carrot and lauki. Today, we will learn how to make lauki kalakand as this is the most favorite type of Kalakand in the Asian countries. To make lauki kalakand we need lauki (Bottle Gourd), solidified milk, sugar and pistachio. This is a mouthwatering sweet and everyone likes to eat it. Mostly, people make this sweet on happy occasions like Eid, wedding ceremonies and birthday parties. So, let’s start with this amazing and tasteful lauki kalakand recipe.


Khoya (Solidified Milk)           1 Kg

Lauki /Bottle Gourd (Grated)          2

Sugar (Powdered)                 4 tbsp

Sugar (Granulated)               ½ Cup

Cardamom Powder               1 tsp

Green Food Color                  Few Drops

Pistachio flakes                     2 tbsp

Lauki Kalakand Recipe:

Take a wok and fry khoya (Solidified Milk) in it on low flame. Keep stirring with a wooden spoon to avoid burning. Fry khoya until it attains a smooth texture and becomes light brown in color. Now keep it aside. Take grated lauki and cook it in a pan with granulated sugar on low flame. Keep stirring until all moisturizer becomes dry and its texture looks like a candied or caramelize Bottle Gourd. Also add few drops of green food color to give it a beautiful green color. Now turn off the flame and cool it down on the room temperature.

lauki kalakand

Take a deep bowl and mix cooked khoya and caramelized lauki together. Also add cardamom powder, powdered sugar and mix well. Take a greased flat dish and spread the Kalakand on it. Flatten the surface with the help of a wooden spoon and garnish it with the pistachio flakes. When Kalakand becomes firm, take it out from the dish and cut small squares. You can serve it fresh or can also keep it inside the refrigerator for around 1 week. Enjoy the delicious Lauki Kalakand recipe and don’t forget to comment and share if you like it.

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