The Longest Pizza Ever Made

Pizza is the most eaten dish in the world. People love to eat it on different occasions in different ways. It has a variety of unique flavors. The best thing about pizza is you can customize it according to your taste and likes. Give it any shape, top it with a variety of ingredients, Use less or more amount of cheese or have it anytime. There are no hard and fast rules to make this amazing dish. Anybody can make it at home easily.

longest pizza

You just need to knead dough with yeast and prepare your toppings. The basic toppings which are mostly used on a pizza are, tomato slices, capsicum, jalapeno, salami, olives, mushrooms, chicken and a lot of Mozzarella and Cheddar cheese. However, other ingredients like beef, macaroni, corns, brinjal, avocado, spinach, basil leaves and potato can also be used as toppings. Pizza can also be cooked as a sweet dish. People use chocolate, marshmallows and Nutella for making a sweet pizza.

I love pizza so much and I love to cook it with different ways. Today, I tried to make the longest pizza ever at home. When I thought to make this amazing pizza, I was little bit confused that how would I bake it. Because I don’t have a large oven. But at last I found out a way. Luckily, I have a beautiful lawn outside my home. I thought why not I make this longest pizza in my lawn by digging a pit in the ground. So, finally I made a large pit and burn some charcoal inside it. Then cover my pizza with an aluminum sheet and put it over the hot charcoal. I swear that was the most delicious pizza I have ever made. I want to share the complete recipe with you people. You must try this once and have fun with your family and friends.

Here, I am directly giving the method to assemble the longest pizza. As the dough making method and pizza sauce and topping recipes are same as before. I am sharing the related links here for the dough, sauce and toppings recipes. Please follow the links below.

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Assembling the Longest Pizza:

To make this longest pizza, you will need a long metal pan or a grill. Fortunately, there was a long clean grill at my home that I used to make this pizza. Take the pan or the grill and cover it properly with an aluminum sheet. Now grease the aluminum sheet with oil and place the pizza dough over it. Press the dough with your hands and spread it on the grill or pan evenly. Make sure that the dough base doesn’t rupture from anywhere. If there is any hole in the base then fill it with the dough. Remove if there are any bubbles seen in the base.

longest pizza

Turn the dough corners and roll them to make a thick border around the pizza base. Now apply tomato sauce all over the pizza base. Spread chicken or any fried or cooked meat that you like the most. After that you can top it with any ingredients of your choice like tomatoes, capsicums, olives, mushrooms or corns. It will be good if you use lots of cheese over it as it enhances the flavor and it is the main ingredient of a pizza. I love to mix the equal amounts of Mozzarella and Cheddar cheese to make my pizza more delicious. Cove the whole pizza with grated cheese and sprinkle crushed chili flakes and oregano over it.longest pizza

longest pizza

In the end, cover the pizza with aluminum sheet and seal the corners too. Now dig a one feet deep pit in the ground and fill it half with the charcoal. Burn the charcoal to generate an accurate amount of heat. Now place the pizza grill covered with the aluminum sheet over the burnt charcoal. Wait for an hour, and the longest pizza with a unique Smokey flavor will be ready to eat. Make square pieces and serve it hot with ketchup.

longest pizzalongest pizza


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