Madly in Love with Sakura McFloat

For the cherry blossom season, McDonald’s Japan has added an astonishing Sakura McFloat to its menu. The pink drink comprises of cherry soda finished with a bit of vanilla frozen yogurt. Moreover, the fast-food chain also introduced a Sakura McFizz. They prepare it with the cherry soda without the frozen yogurt.

But in all the joy over the spring season, you may end up asking why you don’t see more cherry foods.  In reality, the trees which deliver the nation’s stunning sakura are non-fruit bearing species. This isn’t to imply that Japan doesn’t develop any fruits. The different kind of the fruits called Satonishiki, developed in the northeastern Tohoku. The fans usually call it “the lord of fruits.”

Since they’re adequate to have such a glorious sounding name, Satonishiki fruits are sufficient to be a piece of McDonald’s Japan’s freshest drinks. Beginning this week, the chain will offer two new beverages, the McFizz Sakuranbo and the McFloat. Both of them prepared with a modest measure of Satonishiki juice.

Sakura McFloat

It’s important that both beverages have been around for quite a while. However, it’s possible that McDonald’s is simply reintroducing them as a limited edition for spring. As indicated by a couple websites, the Sakura McFizz had already existed with a positively unique flavor! Rather, that more seasoned McFizz comprised of Sprite and Ribena, a blackcurrant-based soda.

After browsing its numerous incarnations on Instagram, we can’t resist the urge to expectation that the Sakura McFloat shows up. Meanwhile, we’ll continue ogling. Ahead, don’t hesitate to do the same by looking at photos of the McFloat and McFizz.

Both will be served in uncommon regular packaging, with the drinks’ pastel shading ought to be a perfect match for the warming climate of spring. The new beverages start selling on March 8. It will be accessible until early April, harmonizing with the peak sakura season in the Tokyo territory.


An improved form of the last year’s Sakura Cherry McFizz, the carbonated beverages guarantee to be marginally fruitier than their firmly floral forerunner. The chain is emitting their reviving sweetness, with the McFizz Sakuranbo evaluated at 250 yen. The McFloat Sakuranbo refreshed with a whirl of delicate serve vanilla frozen yogurt, just marginally pricier at 310 yen.

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