Mutton Leg Roast is one of the spicy Indian recipes. This dish is a royal dish and people make it on special occasions like Eid and Wedding ceremonies. The mutton leg is usually barbecued on charcoal to give it a smokey aroma. People also bake it in the oven and also make it on steam. Before starting cooking, it is marinated with hot spices like red chilies, garam masala, coriander, turmeric, cumin, and tamarind and ginger garlic paste. Usually, the marinated leg is kept inside the refrigerator overnight. In this way, it absorbs all flavors and becomes tastier.

In different countries, this recipe is prepared with different spices. Here, we are going to share a unique mutton leg roast recipe with authentic Asian flavors with a little western touch or Worcestershire sauce and mustard paste.  I can bet you will never forget the unique mouth watering taste of this mutton leg roast. So you must try this recipe once for your special guests and also for your family and friends.

Mutton Leg Roast Ingredients:

Mutton Legs                                                          2

Garlic Paste                                                           2 tbsp

Ginger Paste                                                         2 tbsp

Kachri (Paste of Raw Papaya)                             2 tbsp

Salt                                                                          1 tsp

Red Chili Powder                                                 2 tsp

Red Chili Flakes                                                    1 tsp

Ground Roasted Coriander Seeds                    1 tbsp

Ground Roasted Cumin Seeds                           1 tbsp

Turmeric Powder                                                 ½ tsp

Lemon Juice                                                          2 tbsp

Yogurt                                                                    250 grams

Vinegar                                                                  2 tbsp

Worcestershire Sauce                                        1 tbsp

Mustard Paste                                                      1 tsp

Garam Masala Powder                                        1 tsp

Oil                                                                           As required


Make deep slits on the mutton legs with a sharp knife. Now marinate it with all ingredients mentioned above for at least 6 hours. Add oil and one cup water in a pot and put the leg in it and cover it. Cook it on low heat till all the juice dries up. Spoon the remaining sauce from the pot on top of the roast. Spicy mutton leg roast is ready to serve.

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