Onion Rings Pakora is a very popular evening snack. They are usually served as a side dish or with tea. Usually, onion pakoras are prepared during month of Ramadan at Iftar time. They can be served with different types of sauces like ketchup, mint chutney, coriander or tamarind chutney. Some people love to enjoy these crispy tings with yogurt. These onion rings can be made with lots of variation. Some people also cover these rings with cheddar or mozzarella cheese. You can bring modifications just according to your taste. They are crispy and crunchy from outside and soft and gooey from inside. Onion Rings Pakoras are prepared with very few ingredients. They are easy to make. You must try them once.

This dish is healthy and has a good nutritional value. Onion rings contain around 276 calories per serving. They have 24% fats, 5% cholesterol, 10% carbohydrates, vitamins 8% and Iron 5%.  You can cut down its fats by using a healthy vegetable oil or olive oil for deep frying. Moreover, you can also shallow fry these rings. This is an ideal dish for serving in front of guests. Here is the recipe for the yummiest onion rings. Please follow the exact recipe for better results and don’t forget to leave your valuable comments.

Ingredients for Onion Rings Pakora:

Red Chili Flakes                                                                              ½ tsp

Salt                                                                                                   To taste

Cumin Seeds                                                                                  ½ tsp

Onion (1cm thick slices)                                                               1 large

Gram Flour (Besan)                                                                       1 cup

Oil                                                                                                    To fry


Cut 1cm think slices of a large onion. Separate the onion slices into rings. Take gram flour into a bowl and add water to make a thick paste of it. Add red chili flakes, salt and cumin seeds into the flour and mix it well. Heat up some oil into a deep wok. Dip onion rings into the gram flour paste to make a thick coat over them. Now deep fry them until golden brown. Serve with ketchup and tea.

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