Rainbow Custard is a dessert that has multiple colors as well as different flavors. When you will take a bite of this rainbow custard, you will feel different flavors melting in your mouth. Specially, kids love to eat this unique dessert. You can also make this dessert for your guests and family. The choice of flavors and colors is totally depend on your choice and taste. You can add any custard and jelly flavor that you like the most. Decorating the custard with whipped cream is optional but if you do so, it will enhance its flavor. It is a healthy and nutritious dessert and mostly eaten and made almost in all countries of the world.

Rainbow Custard Ingredients:

Vanilla Custard                                                      4 tbsp

Banana Custard                                                    4 tbsp

Strawberry Custard                                             4 tbsp

Milk                                                                        1 kg

Blue Berry Jelly                                                    1 packet

Strawberry Jelly                                                   1 packet

Sugar                                                                      1 cup


Divide 1 kg milk into three equal portions. Also divide 1 cup sugar into three equal portions. Take a cooking pan and boil one portion of milk in it. Add a portion of sugar in it and mix well. Dissolve vanilla custard in 4-5 tbsp of cold water and pour it into the hot milk slowly while stirring. Turn off the flame when custard starts thickening. Place it aside to cool down. Or cool it in refrigerator. Repeat this process with two other custard flavors i.e. strawberry and banana.

Now Dissolve Blue Berry Jelly Mixture in one cup hot water. Pour it into a dish to cool down. Cut the jelly cubes once it cools down. Repeat this procedure to make another jelly flavor i.e. Strawberry. Now take a big glass bowl / goblets. Now Beat the chilled vanilla custard with the hand beater and pour it into the glass bowl to make a layer. Place blue berry jelly cubes over it to make another layer. Repeat the procedure for other custard and jelly flavors. And make different colorful layers. Cool it in the refrigerator. Colorful Rainbow Custard is ready to serve.

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