Russian Salad consists of fresh vegetables and fruits. In numerous countries like Iran, Mongolia, Israel and in Latin America, people love to eat Russian salad. In various advance recipes, it is typically contains cubed boiled potatoes, carrots, green peas, eggs, onions, boiled chicken, apples and pineapples with salt and pepper dressed with mayonnaise and fresh cream. The texture of Russian salad differs from other salads as it is made with parboiled vegetables rather than using raw ones.

You can also use any vegetables and fruits of your choice to make it more delicious. Usually, this salad has a great combination with pizza and it is served as a side dish in many restaurants. Macaronis are also added into this salad to enhance its taste. This Russian salad is available in different countries with lots of varieties. This salad has become a main dish in various countries around the world. If you want to eat something very healthy and nutritious, Russian salad is the best choice for you.

Russian Salad Ingredients:

Boiled Potato (Cut in 1 inch cubes)                                            1 Cup

Capsicum (Small Diced)                                                                1 Cup

Pine Apple (Cut in small pieces)                                                 1 Cup

Boiled Chick Peas                                                                          1 Cup

Mayonnaise                                                                                    1 Cup

Fresh Cream                                                                                   1 Cup

Macaroni (Boiled)                                                                           2 Cups

Chicken Breast(Boiled & Shredded)                                            1 Cup

Green Peas (Boiled)                                                                       1 Cup

Yogurt                                                                                              1 Cup

Mustard Paste                                                                                1 tsp

Carrot (Finely Grated)                                                                  1 Cup

Boiled Corn Seeds                                                                         1 Cup

Lemon                                                                                             1 medium sized

Salt                                                                                                   ½ tsp

Black Pepper                                                                                  1 tsp

Cabbage (Thinly Shredded)                                                         1 Cup

Apple (Cut in small pieces)                                                          1 Cup

Pine Apple Juice                                                                            1/3 Cup

Castor Sugar                                                                                   2 tbsp


Take a large salad bowl and add Macaroni, Shredded Chicken, Potato, Capsicum, Pine Apple, Chick Peas, Green Peas, Carrot, Cabbage, Apple and Corn Seeds in it. Now take a small bowl and add Yogurt, Mayonnaise, Fresh Cream, Black Pepper, Salt, Pine Apple Juice, Lemon Juice, Castor Sugar in it. Mix all these ingredients well to make a thick mixture. Add this thick paste into the salad and mix it well. Serve Chilled.

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