Making cakes in a Sandwich maker is a unique idea. By using this technique you can make cakes within 3 minutes if the batter is ready. The sandwich maker cakes are more fluffy and soft. They are light and they are very much tasty to eat with tea in your breakfast or in supper. So you should must try this sandwich maker cakes recipe for your family and friends.

I have given a basic cake recipe here. But you people can do different amendments and variations in the recipe to make these sandwich maker cakes more delicious. You can add dry fruits, chocolate chips and other flavors of your choice. A variety of cakes can be prepared in sandwich maker. It takes no time. Mostly kids like this recipe so much.

This is a quick and best dish for the breakfast. If you do not have time for baking and making pan cakes in the morning then you must try this amazing and magical trick to make cakes in no time. Just heat up the sandwich maker, grease it with some oil or butter and put cake batter with the help of a spoon in every section of sandwich maker. Cover it 3 minutes. And cakes are ready. You can also turn over the cake with a fork and cook each side for 2 minutes. But this is not necessary.

Please follow the recipe and leave your lovely comments if you like it.

Sandwich Maker Cakes Ingredients:

White Flour                                                           1 cup

Vanilla Essence                                                     3-4 drops

Melted Butter                                                       ½ cup

Eggs                                                                        2

Ground Sugar                                                       ½ cup

Baking Powder                                                     1 tsp


Take a bowl and mix butter and sugar till a fluffy batter forms. Add eggs, Vanilla Essence and Baking Powder and Mix. In the end, add flour and mix the batter slowly. Grease the sandwich maker and preheat it. Pour the cake mixture with a spoon in the sandwich maker. Cover it and cook for 3 mins. Sandwich Maker Cakes are ready to eat.

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