Sheer Khurma is a delicious traditional dessert. People prepare it with vermicelli, milk, sugar and dry fruits. Sheer khurma is usually made on happy occasions like wedding ceremonies and Eid. People make this dessert with variations. Some people make liquidy sheer khurma and some make it thick and creamy. Adding khoya (dried milk) is optional. Khoya makes it more healthy and heavy. This dessert also has many health benefits. It is eaten during flu to reduce the respiratory tract infection. Moreover, it is also taken as a light food during digestive issues. Sheer khurma is decorated with dry fruits and gold or silver warq. This is an amazing dish to serve in front of your guests. It is easy to make and doesn’t require too much ingredients. Adding dry fruits is also optional. You can also make it only with milk and sugar.

Here is the authentic recipe of Sheer Khurma. Follow the exact recipe for best results and leave your valuable comments if you like our recipe.

Ingredients for Sheer Khurma:

Vermicelli (Siwaiyan)                                                                    1 Packet

Milk                                                                                                  2 Kg

Sugar                                                                                               2 Cups

Almonds (Thinly Sliced)                                                                ¼ Cup

Pistachio (Thinly Sliced)                                                               ¼ Cup

Dried Dates (Boiled and Thinly Sliced)                                      ¼ Cup

Coconut (Crushed)                                                                        ½ Cup

Kewra Water / screw pine essence                                           1 tbsp

Saffron                                                                                            ½ tsp

Cardamom                                                                                      5 – 6

Cloves                                                                                              5 – 6

Raisins                                                                                             ¼ Cup

Yellow Food Color                                                                         1 pinch

Ghee (Clarified Butter)                                                                 ½ Cup

Gold or Silver warq                                                                       for garnishing


sheer khurma

Take a wok and heat up some Ghee in it. Now add cardamoms and cloves and fry for a minute. Add vermicelli and fry little bit. Add milk and sugar. Cook on medium flame for 8 – 10 minutes. Now add almonds, pistachio, dried dates, crushed coconut, raisins, saffron and light yellow color. Cook over medium low flame until it becomes dense and light yellow in color. In the end add Kewra water and cook for another 2 -3 minutes. Garnish with almonds, pistachio, dried dates, crushed coconut. Apply gold or silver warq to make it more tempting. Serve hot or chilled.

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