The Ultimate British Fish and Chips Recipe

Fish and Chips recipe is one of the British national dishes. Usually, codfish is used to make this delicious dish. This is really a satisfying meal that you can serve with coleslaw or Russian salad. Some people love to have mushy peas with this light and crispy Fish and hand-cut Chips. This mouthwatering dish can even please the pickiest eaters. Try making homemade Fish and Chips by following these simple steps.


Skinless CodFish Fillets                            6

Potatoes (Sliced into strips)                     4

Oil                                                                  For deep frying

All-purpose flour                                       1 cup

Corn Flour                                                  1 cup

Plain Flour                                                 1 cup

Baking Powder                                          1 tsp

Salt                                                               1 tsp

Black Pepper                                              1 tsp

Crushed Red Chili                                     1 tsp

Soda Water / Any white drink                500 ml

Garlic Powder                                            1 tsp

fish and chips

Method for Fish and Chips:

Begin with making the crispy potato chips as they will be fried twice. First of all, boil the striped potatoes for 4 – 5 minutes. Now take 2 – 3 tbsp cornflour to coat these boiled potato strips. After that keep them inside the refrigerator for 30 minutes to cool down. Now heat up oil in a wok and half-fry chilled potatoes. Take them out of the oil and keep aside.

Now in a deep bowl whisk together all-purpose flour, cornflour, salt, black pepper, crushed red chilli, garlic powder and baking powder. Add soda water or any white drink to make a fluffy and smooth batter. Take 1 cup plain flour in a plain dish to coat the fish fillets.

Now heat up the oil for deep frying the fish fillets. Dredge fish fillets in the plain flour and tap off excess. Then dip it in the batter and let the excess to drain off. Carefully add the battered fish fillets in the oil and deep fry them on medium-low flame until golden brown. After frying the fish fillets, add pre-fried chips to oil and cook them until light golden brown.

Transfer cooked fish and crispy potato chips to a paper towel and sprinkle some salt and black pepper while still warm. Serve hot with coleslaw or Russian salad.

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