Vermicelli for Eid

Vermicelli is a traditional type of pasta round in section similar to spaghetti. They don’t have much flavor of its own. It readily absorbs the flavors of whatever ingredients it is cooked with. It is a traditional sweet dish that is prepared with milk, seviyan and dry fruits. In Asia, people normally use word “Seviyan” for the Vermicelli. This is a flavorful dish in Pakistan and India. People usually cook Seviyan on Eid and Ramadan. You can purchase seviyan at Asian stores anywhere in the world. The garnishing includes dry fruits like almonds, pistachio, coconut, raisins and dried dates. Slicing the dry fruits thinly for garnishing is a specialty of this dish. Use of dry fruits is optional and you can add as much dry fruits and khoya as you want. It all depends on your taste and choice. You can serve this yummiest sweet dish hot or chilled.

Vermicelli Ingredients:              

Ghee                                                      2 tbsp

Cardamom Powder                              ¼ tsp

Vermicelli                                              1 Packet

Condensed milk                                   6 tbsp

Full Cream milk                                     1 liter

Sugar                                                      35 grams

Mix dry fruits                                        ½ cup


Melt ghee into a wok and add cardamom powder. Let it sizzle and then add broken vermicelli, fry them over low heat. Keep stirring until vermicelli becomes golden and they absorb ghee. Now add boiled milk, condensed milk, sugar and mix well. Cook them while stirring over low flame at least for 10 minutes. Once it becomes thick, add all crushed dry nuts. Take it out in a deep bowl and garnish with dry fruits.

Applying a Gold or Silver sheet (Warq) on the top of this dessert is a traditional thing. These warqs are very expensive and cannot be available easily. But no doubt it is an eastern touch and it makes this dessert more attractive. Garnishing depends on your choice. You can serve this yummy dessert hot or chilled.


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