Yoga is an old type of practice and method for living that spotlights at the forefront of your thoughts, body and soul. It’s an all encompassing practice for all ages. “Yoga” is taken from a word “Yug” that affects the personal and the global awareness.

Yoga is not at all a religious faith but an art of desegregating body and soul. It is a unified lifestyle. It is an old Indian art which is not only connected with the physical health but also with the overall personality of an individual. I consider Yoga as a complete bundle which is not like other exercises that only warm up your body but don’t purify it. If you do yoga regularly, you will see a major difference in your body shape and weight.

Here are five basic yoga positions to help you begin:

  1. Surya Namaskar

One of the essential, most understood and broadly rehearsed positions, surya namaskar means sun welcome. It includes a progression of twelve diverse yoga postures for all body parts. What makes surya namaskar extraordinary for the whole body is the way that it includes 12 unique postures in one exercise – for instance, fundamental supplication posture, forward curve and the bhujangasana (cobra posture).



  1. Warrior posture or Veerabhadrasana

It includes going into the mountain posture, trailed by turning your one leg backside and along with the other leg into a rush like posture together with the knee at a 90 degree situating and your hands extended ideal over your head. You can take this further to the veerabhadrasana II where you turn hands front of the belly and fix the extended leg, directing it outwards while your other leg is still at ninety degrees and you’re both arms are extended wide separated.



  1. Triangular stance or Trikonasana

Begin with a wide legged position; turn your correct foot out. Directly spread your arms totally open turning the right side of your waist over your right leg and progressively go down, standing up to downwards with a level back. Keep your right palm on the ground and with your left arm turned upwards. Rehash it with left side.



  1. Upward plank position or Purvottanasana

This may show up fairly difficult to break towards the start however the results that this stance will abandon you enchanted. This works extensively on your back, shoulders, arms, spine and wrists. It is moreover wonderful for the respiratory structure. It is inconceivable for the quality of the body as it manages your legs, inner thigh muscles as wells as hips. Sit with your legs stretched out before you. Put your hands behind your hips coordinating towards your feet. Point your feet, set up your body to climb. Raise your body from the tailbone and have a go at pulling your head back as well. It is the reverse position which you get in just before making arrangements for a common push up.



  1. The boat posture:

You rest on your back and as the name proposes go into a V formed position like a boat. Keep it for 10 seconds and slowly increase the time each day. You will feel your stomach muscles are flipping, but you should trust me, this will dissolve that bad belly fat.



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