Zarda is a traditional sweet dish in Pakistan and India. People prepare it with rice, sugar, milk and dry fruits. This dessert is very common in Asian countries. It has lot of varieties. Some people make orange zarda by using only orange food color. Whereas, some people prepare zarda by using multiple food colors like red, green, yellow and orange. One special type of zarda is called Mutanjan that is so much delicious. It has rainbow colors and lots of dry fruits. Zarda is a royal dish that is made on special occasions like wedding ceremonies and birthday parties. This dish also is easy to make and we can prepare it at home within 30 minutes. Using dry fruits and different food colors totally depend on your choice and taste.

Zarda is equally liked by the children and the adults. It is an amazing dessert that is served with birayni, pulao and qorma. All these dishes are made on happy occasions. Adding lots of khoya in zarda enhances its taste and flavor. Dried milk can also be added instead of khoya. It gives the same flavor to zarda. Please follow the recipe below to make this amazing dessert. Do not forget to leave your comments if you like it.

Zarda Ingredients:

Sela Rice (boiled)                                 500 grams

Cardamom                                             6

Milk Powder                                         250 grams

Kewra                                                     ½ tsp

Sugar                                                      250 grams

Asharfiyan                                             1 cup

Raisins                                                    2 tbsp

Coconut (chopped)                             2 tbsp

Almonds and pistachio                        2 tbsp

Yellow food color                                 ½ tsp

Clarified butter                                     250 grams

Saffron                                                   ½ tsp


In saucepan boil rice along with yellow food color. Strain the rice well. In a separate pan heat up some clarified butter with cardamoms. When the aroma comes out, add sugar and water. When sugar syrup becomes ready, add rice and mix it very well. Add almonds, pistachio, saffron, asharfiyan, raisins, coconut, solid milk and kewra add into rice. Cook and cover for 15 – 20 minutes. Delicious Zaafrani Zarda Khoya is ready to serve.

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