Banana Pudding

Banana pudding has lots of layers of sweet vanilla seasoned custard, wafers and bananas set in a dish. People love to eat and serve it with the fresh whipped cream. It is normally connected with Southern U.S. but it can be found around the country.

Lately I seem to be eating a ton of banana pudding out of Mason containers, and it isn’t really by decision. That is the means by which the sweet, gooey treat has been served to me at various eateries and cooked occasions over the previous year or two. In some cases it’s laid out in standard one-16 ounces shakes, each containing a few servings that visitors spoon onto a plate. Now and then it’s in adorable minimal four-ounce jugs holding a solitary serving—a banana pudding shooter, maybe.

That is to say, shucks—what could be more truly Southern than eating banana pudding in a Mason shake?

It was invented in New York City and given a Southern twang by Hollywood makers or Army spouses. However, Banana pudding has a solid, certified Southern character that extends back the greater part a century.

Banana Pudding Ingredients:

Cream cheese                                                      1 cup

Condensed milk                                                   1 can

Vanilla pudding mix                                             ½ cup

Cold milk                                                                3 cups

Vanilla essence                                                     1 tsp

Frozen whipped Cream                                      1 cup

Bananas (Sliced)                                                   4

Vanilla Wafers                                                      1 Packet


In a bowl whip cream cheese until fluffy. Now add condensed milk, cold milk, pudding mix and vanilla essence into the whipped cream cheese and mix well. Now add half of the whipped cream into this mixture. Take a glass dish and make a layer of vanilla wafers at the bottom. Now make a bed of banana slices over the wafers’ layer. Spread the pudding batter and top with the whipped cream. Chill into the refrigerator at least for 2 hours.

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