Maybe you have heard that lemon and honey drink in the morning works amazingly for our health. Both of these ingredients contain effective properties that when joined, make an incredible tonic. The drink is truly easy to make, and it doesn’t require much effort to drink it in one sip. Many people begin their day with this amazing powerful drink. Try it out, and you will recommend it to others because of its unlimited benefits.


  1. Heat up some water and permit it to cool until it is quite warm to touch.
  2. Include a teaspoonful of natural honey and blend well.
  3. Add juice of a lemon in honey water and mix well.

It is good if you drink this drink on the empty stomach, so that you can take all of its benefits. Do not heat it again otherwise warming honey will make it poisonous. Warming this half-digested honey may ruin the honey bee proteins and other gainful substances in it.

  1. Helps Digestion:

Drinking lemon and honey water enhances the digestion process. The drink speeds up stomach acid generation and bile emission. They encourage the breakdown of food and absorption of energy particles.

  1. Acts as a Diuretic:

Diuretics are the substances that enhance urine production. Specialists regularly recommend diuretics to treat edema and hypertension produced by excessive measure of water in the body. Inflammatory reaction of the body to wounds causes collection of liquid in tissues. Feet swelling and facial edema are normal side effects of this water accumulation. Lemon-honey water can help take out extra liquid and diminish edema and hypertension.

  1. Detoxifies the Body:

Various poisonous substances enter our body through contaminated food.  Natural toxins additionally get assimilated through our skin and respiratory tract. They are accumulated inside the tissue cells, kidneys and liver. Lemon honey water is very light in nature and also a detoxification agent. It is a very good tonic for the liver. Lemon honey water neutralizes the poisons. Its diuretic impact helps in flushing out the poisons by urine.

  1. Dissolves Fat:

Lemon juice enhances body emissions, increasing blood and lymph development. In addition the diuretic impact kills poisons aggregated in the body. Toxins accumulation in the body is one of the major reasons of weight gain. Our body removes these substances by catching them in fat tissue.

  1. Clears Skin Acne:

Lemon juice has an oil-cutting impact that may help expel extra oil from your skin. Citrus extract works as an exfoliating agent that removes dead skin cells and opens skin pores. In spite of these advantages, using lemon juice on the face may burn sensitive skin. But if you take lemon juice indirectly, it will help to make your skin clearer. Moreover, Anti-oxidants in lemon honey water and their antibacterial properties contribute to skin brightening.

lemon honey water

  1. Improves Immune System:

The immune-modulating impact of lemon honey water can shield you from seasonal infections and additionally hypersensitivities. You will notice a reduction in colds and influenza if you continue taking this drink each day. As you know that honey treatment is advised when individuals have extreme hypersensitivities to dust and other ecological contamination. Honey contains these substances, so ingesting them with the lemon honey water desensitizes the body.

  1. Treatment for Throat Infections:

When you have a sore throat, warm lemon honey water gives quick relief. But the impact is not temporary. The peroxides in honey work as disinfectants. That is one reason why honey is applied to wounds and it helps in healing. Drinking the lemon honey water reduces the bacteria in the infected part. It also lessens irritation and related agony.

  1. Treatment for Kidney Stones and Urinary Tract Problems:

The diuretic impact of lemon juice and antimicrobial impact of honey cooperate to flush out undesirable substances and infection causing microscopic organisms from kidneys, urinary bladder, and the urinary tract.

lemon honey water

The acidic and concentrated urine is one of the basic reasons for kidney stones. Sodium and potassium citrate are frequently recommended for the treatment for these conditions. Moreover, Lemon juice is acidic because of its citrus extract content but it gets changed over to sodium citrate in the body. That is the reason drinking lemon water is said to alkalize.

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