Cake Fondant with Marshmallows

Cake fondant is a soft, elastic and flexible sweet substance that is used to decorate cakes. It makes cakes more attractive and tempting. The authentic recipe of fondant is little bit complicated as its ingredients are not easily available in the market. Specially, a good quality corn syrup is much expensive. However, you can try to make corn syrup at home with our recipe but it will be difficult to bring the accurate consistency at the first attempt.



So, for the beginners and for the people who want to save their time and money, we are introducing a quick and instant method of preparing fondant. You can use marshmallows to make it easily at home. This method is not only cheap and easy but also the fondant you made by using this method has better quality than one made by the authentic recipe. It is more flexible and even better in taste.

You can use following recipe to prepare cake fondant with marshmallows. You will be shocked when you will see its amazing results. Please give your valuable comments.

cake fondant

Fondant Ingredients:

Melted Butter                                                                                3 tbsp

Marshmallows                                                                                2 Cups

Confectioner’s Sugar                                                                    8 Cups

Water                                                                                              2 tbsp



Take marshmallows in a glass bowl and also add some butter. Now add 2 tablespoons of water. Put it inside a microwave for at least 2 minutes. The marshmallows will be soft and melted. You can also melt them on a stove by water bath technique. In the melted marshmallows, add confectioner’s sugar and knead smooth non sticky dough. You can divide this fondant dough into portions and add few drops of food color to create different colors. You can use this fondant immediately or store it in an air tight container inside the refrigerator for at least 6 months. To use the cake fondant, bring the fondant to the room temperature. Knead it again until it becomes soft. You can be creative and have fun with the cake fondant.

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