French Toasts with Caramelized Apple

French toasts with caramelized Apple is a healthy recipe for people who want to have something light and nutritious. If you want a healthy and nutritious breakfast, you must try this. French toasts are also called eggy bread, German toast or Spanish toast. It is a dish made of bread absorbed milk, then in beaten eggs and afterward fried.

bread slices are absorbed in a blend of beaten eggs, regularly with milk or cream. Once in a while sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, or vanilla are added to the blend. The cuts of egg-covered bread are then broiled on both sides until they are seared and cooked through. Day-old bread is regularly suggested by cooks because the stale bread will splash up more egg blend without falling apart.
The cooked slices might be secured with sugar or sweet garnishes, for example, jam, nectar, fruit or maple syrup or served as an appetizing dish with ketchup.

French Toasts with Caramelized Apple


Butter                                                                 40 grams

Apples wedges                                                    3

Brown sugar                                                       1/3 cup

Orange juice                                                       1/4 cup

Eggs                                                                     4

Fresh cream                                                       1/2 cup

Brown sugar                                                       2 tbs

Butter                                                                 4 tsp

Bread Slices                                                        6


To caramelize apples, melt 40 grams of butter in a pan over medium flame till it starts bubbling. Now add apples and cook at least for 5 minutes until it becomes golden. Now add sugar and cook while stirring until it dissolves. Add some fresh orange juice and bring to a boil. Cook it for 1 minute and keep stirring until the mixture becomes thick. Take a bowl and whisk eggs with the help of a fork. Add fresh cream and brown sugar and whisk properly to combine.

To prepare french toast, melt butter in a non-stick frying pan on medium heat until it starts foaming. Dip bread slices into the batter one by one, and fry them in the pan. Fry each side at least for one minute until it becomes golden and crispy. Plate it out and repeat the process for other bread slices. Cut the slices into two diagonal halves. Serve the toast with apple mixture. Garnish and dust with some icing sugar. Yummiest and healthy French Toasts with Caramelized Apples is ready to serve.


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