In spite of its name, the French fries are not French. American soldiers posted in Belgium during World War I, introduced French Fries. As the official language of Belgian army was French, they called the yummiest fried potatoes “French Fries”. The name bonded and even after passing decades, people are still giving credit of French fries invention to the wrong country.

French fries are a standout among the most prevalent side dishes on the planet. When we talk about the dipping, fries regularly get them shrouded in ketchup, mayonnaise, or vinegar. However that looks like where the all universal preference closes.

In Belgium, individuals like to eat French fries with cooked mussels or with fried eggs. The United Kingdom is popular for its “fish sticks and French fries.” In the Middle East, fries are wrapped in pita bread with chicken, and in France they are presented with flame broiled steak. Canadians serve Poutine, a dish comprising of French fries and cheddar curds, finished with chestnut sauce!

french fries


Potato                                                                                              1 large size

Corn Flour                                                                                      1 tbsp

Oil                                                                                                    To fry

Salt                                                                                                   To taste

Chaat Masala (Mixed Spices)                                                       1 tsp

Mayonnaise                                                                                    1 tbsp

Barbecue Sauce (Optional)                                                         1 tbsp

All-Purpose Flour                                                                          1 tbsp

Rice Flour                                                                                       1 tbsp

Ketchup                                                                                          1 tbsp



Cut ½ inch thick potato sticks. Make sure that all sticks are same in size and thickness. Keep these sticks inside cold water for at least 10 minutes. Now take them out a dry the excess water. Put the potato sticks into the boiling water for 3 – 4 minutes. Make a dry mixture of corn flour, all-purpose flour and rice flour. Now coat these potato sticks with the flour mixture. Heat up oil into a wok for deep frying. Fry flour coated potato sticks into the hot oil for 7 – 8 minutes. Take them out when they become crispy. The color of the fries should not be brown. Remove the fries from the oil and dry them on a paper towel. Sprinkle mixed spices, chaat masala and salt. Toss the French fries properly and serve with mayonnaise, ketchup, barbecue sauce or any other sauce of your choice.

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