Loki ki kheer is a traditional sweet dish that is prepared with milk, rice, sugar and Loki (Bottle Gourd). Khoya and heavy cream is also added sometimes to enhance the flavor but it is optional. Loki ki kheer is served hot as well as chilled. You can garnish this dessert with almonds, pistachio, crushed coconut and silver or golden warqs. Usually, this sweet dish is made on happy occasions like Eid and wedding ceremony. However, children like this dessert so much. It is very much healthy and nutritious because of milk and bottle gourd. This dish is mostly eaten in India and Pakistan whereas in different countries of the world, it is prepared with some variations. Some people add mangoes instead of Loki or bottle gourd while some add sweet potato. Every variation of this recipe has a unique and different taste.

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Kheer Ingredients:

Grated Loki (Bottle Gourd)                                                          1 medium sized

Rice                                                                                                  1 cup

Milk                                                                                                  1 Kg

Crushed Coconut                                                                          ½ cup

Raisins                                                                                             8-10

Cardamom Crushed                                                                      4-5

Almonds (chopped)                                                                      8-10

Pistachio (chopped)                                                                      8 -10

Sugar                                                                                               1-1/2 cups

Kewra Water (screw pine essence)                                           1 tsp


Take Rice and soak them into the water for at least 2 hours. When rice become soft, drain the water and grind or crush them. Take milk in a deep cooking pan and boil it. Add grated bottle gourd (Loki), sugar and powdered rice. Cook it on low flame while stirring till kheer becomes dense or thick. Add Kewra water, crushed cardamom, almonds, pistachio, crushed coconut and raisins. Cook it for 5 – 10 minutes on low flame. Dish it out and garnish with almonds, pistachios and crushed coconut. Serve hot or keep inside the refrigerator for few hours and serve it chilled.

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