Making Delicious Coconut Halwa

Coconut halwa is an Asian dessert that is usually cooked in Pakistan and India on various happy occasions. I would say, It is the easiest and delicious halwa to cook at home in a very short time. You need crushed coconut, powdered milk, sugar and water to make it. These are four basic ingredients that are required for this recipe. The best part of this recipe is, you don’t need ghee/butter to make it. Usually, a large quantity of ghee and butter is used to cook different types of halwa but this is a very unique form of coconut halwa in which we don’t add ghee or butter.

It is cooked with sugar syrup that is prepared in water. That’s the reason it has low calories and you will not get any heavy feeling after eating it. Let’s make this yummy halwa by following these easy steps.


Crushed Coconut            2 Cups

Powdered Milk                1 Cup

Sugar                                 1 Cup

Water                                1 Cup

Almonds                           4 – 5

Pistachio                          4 – 5

Cardamom                      3 – 4

coconut halwa


To make coconut halwa, take a deep wok and boil 1 cup of water in it. Now add 1 cup sugar and let it cook on medium heat. Also, add cardamom in the sugar syrup and let it simmer. To check the consistency of sugar syrup, dip a wooden spatula in the syrup, lift out and allow it to cool. Now apply the sugar syrup from the wooden spatula on your fingertip and then touch your thumb and finger together and pull apart gently. See if it starts forming two threads. This is the exact consistency we want to make coconut halwa.

At this point, add crushed coconut in the sugar syrup. Also, add powdered milk and keep mixing it. Quickly pour the halwa in a greased tray and garnish it with almonds and pistachio flakes. Once it cools down, cut it in the diagonal shapes. Coconut halwa is ready to serve. You can keep it inside the refrigerator for around 1 week. Have fun and enjoy this delicious halwa with your family and friends.

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