Strawberry ice cream is the most favorite ice cream among all flavors. People love to have it with strawberry sauce and strawberry chunks. Chocolate has a great combination with strawberry ice cream. That’s why people also eat strawberry ice cream with chocolate sauce and chocolate chips. The beautiful pinkish color of strawberry ice cream makes it more tempting. Strawberry ice cream can be prepared with variations like strawberry cheese ice cream and strawberry ripple ice cream. This is also served in a cone or in the form of an ice cream sandwich.

Homemade strawberry ice cream is very easy and delicious. It requires very few ingredients i.e. strawberries, whipped cream, condensed milk and sugar. It takes hardly 10 – 15 mins to prepare strawberry ice cream at home. You can store it inside the refrigerator for weeks. It will give you the same yummiest flavor every time you eat it. Strawberry ice cream can also be made with frozen strawberries. This is a quick method of making strawberry ice cream within few minutes. Just blend frozen strawberries with heavy cream and condensed milk and your ice cream is ready to eat.

You can also prepare strawberry shake with this tasty ice cream. You will just need one scoop strawberry ice cream and one glass milk for this recipe. Just blend them together to make a smooth, creamy and healthy strawberry shake. Take this shake in the morning at your breakfast and feel refreshing and energetic.

Strawberry ice cream is so much nutritious as it has all nutritional qualities of strawberries. When they are in season, you must take full health benefits of strawberries by increasing their intake. Here, we are going to publish an easy and authentic recipe of strawberry ice cream. Please follow the recipe and give your comments if you like our recipe. We are always here to share unique and delicious recipes for you people.


Strawberries                                                                                   1 Cup

Condensed Milk                                                                             1 Cup

Whipped Cream                                                                            1 Cup

Sugar                                                                                                ½ Cup


Take strawberries and sugar in a pan and cook them on low flame until sugar dissolves and strawberries become soft. Mash the strawberries to make a thick purée. Set it cool on the room temperature. Beat the whipping cream till it becomes fluffy. Add strawberry purée and condensed milk into the whipping cream and fold it properly.

Freeze it inside the refrigerator for 3 – 4 hours. Serve it chilled with strawberry or chocolate sauce.

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