Vermicelli Kheer Dessert

Vermicelli or Sivaiyan is a traditional dish in Asian countries. Specially, in India and Pakistan, people love to make this sweet dish on happy occasion like Eid, Birthday parties and wedding ceremonies. There are many different ways to prepare this dessert. However, vermicelli is tasteless but it absorbs taste of milk, sugar or of other ingredients. Vermicelli Kheer is a unique variation with amazing ingredients. Milk, Khoya and dry fruits enhance the taste of this yummiest sweet dish.

It has a very high nutritional value as it has heavy cream and khoya in it. People also follow a simple recipe to make this dish. Normally, they do not use too many dry fruits or khoya to make it at home. But if this dish is prepared for a special occasion, it is full of all royal ingredients like pistachio, almonds, heavy cream, dates, saffron and raisins. Sometimes, people also apply gold and silver sheets for decoration.  You can serve this dessert chilled as well as hot.

Vermicelli Kheer Ingredients:                                                             

Vermicelli                                                              ½ cup

Milk                                                                        7 cups

Sugar                                                                      ½ cup

Cardamom powder                                              ¼ tsp

Nutmeg                                                                  Pinch

Saffron strings                                                      10-12

Sliced Almonds                                                     2 tbsp

Sliced Pistachios                                                   1 tbsp


Take a nonstick frying pan to make vermicelli kheer. Add the seviyan and roast them for about two minutes on medium low heat. Add the milk and increase the heat to medium high. Reduce the flame when milk comes to a boil. Cook it at least for 30 minutes on low flame until it becomes thick and creamy. Now add sugar as per your taste, saffron, cardamom, nutmeg, and almonds. Again cook it on low flame for 5 minutes. Turn off the heat. Keep it inside the refrigerator or you can also serve hot. Vermicelli Kheer will become thicker as it cools down. Garnish with pistachios, almonds and with gold or silver warqs.

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